William Wahl

In the organizer's words:

It has not been proven whether cats and tomcats listen to William Wahl's songs, but it has been proven that people come out of piano cabaret artist William Wahl's solo evenings beaming with joy.

Now a multiple award-winner, the head of the a cappella band basta presents his second full-length program with "Nachts sind alle Tasten grau". With impressive elegance and comedic subtlety, he once again spans the broad spectrum between cabaret and art, comedy and piano.

He tackles the pitfalls of the zeitgeist as well as the big and unchanging questions of life. He takes a lovingly mocking look at the festive spirit of his home city of Cologne, sings the praises of female drivers of white SUVs in a heart-rending manner and struggles with the pitfalls of gender in his solo a cappella number "Innenarchitekt*innen". Without forgetting the most important topic of all - love, to which he dedicates songs that are as touching as they are bittersweet.

In "Nachts sind alle Tasten grau", William Wahl once again combines the comic with the poetic, depth of thought with cheerful lightness in an incomparable way. Masterly!

Organizer: Capitol Betriebs GmbH

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