WORKPACKING - Gunnar Fehlau

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Workpacking: 1 year of living, traveling and working from a Cargobike - The most amazing experiences and the big equipment summary
Bikepacking pioneer Gunnar Fehlau (see takes you along on his 2023 workpacking tour in his talk: The 49-year-old started on January 2 for a year-long cargo bike tour through Germany. But this is not a vacation or even a sabbatical, much more the bicycle fan and author has everyday life, adventure and work in one: Every day he rides a little bike, works (a little too much) and then camps. Fehlau has christened this mixture of working and bikepacking Workpacking ( Now he is on the home stretch, in just under two weeks he will roll home to Göttingen.
Exactly the right time for a conclusion: Does the idea of "workpacking" work and - at least as interesting - what equipment has proven itself, where Fehlau would perhaps have made a different choice today: According to Fehlau, questions and discussion are urgently desired!

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