Workshop - Get inspired by your senses

Theater Workshop
In the organizer's words:

We use our senses when we improvise, of course we do. We look at our partners and listen to them, as well as the music in the scene.
In this workshop we'll use all of our five senses, and discover new ways to use them as an inspiration for characters, scenes and styles. We'll explore physical objects and materials as inspirations - what can we learn from their looks, their sounds, their textures, and touch. We'll use our vision to get scene inspirations from colors, shapes, and forms. For dessert, we'll get a taste of the deep and emotional senses, the ones that are connected to our desires and memories: smell and taste. And of course, through all of this, we'll become more attentive listeners and partners on stage.

Liron and Igancio are two improvisers, clowns and physical theater actors, with more than 15 years of training each. They live in Tel-Aviv, but half of them is originally from Argentina. They have been teaching in the last years, both together and separately, in different countries of South America, Europe and Asia, participating as teachers and performers in different festivals and international meetings.

Workshops open for all levels - workshop language: easy english

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