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"'tis time Marie." Woyzeck kills Marie.

Illegitimate father. Humiliated subordinate. Test subject of medicine. Victim. Perpetrator. Good man. Marie's murderer. Büchner's fragment of a drama explores the question of the conditions under which violence arises. The course of the story seems determined. Driven, tormented, caught in a nightmare. Pursued by his demons, there seems to be only one way out for Woyzeck: to reach for the knife.

The structural violence of men against women is repeated. In Germany, a woman is murdered by her partner or former partner every three days. Marie's death is not an isolated case. It is a pattern that repeats itself almost daily in our reality. Lucia Bihler's production examines the apparent predetermination in Woyzeck's actions in an experimental arrangement: Woyzeck is trapped in a loop. Locked in a visually powerful world of shadows and demons. The meaning and morality of life are called into question. The sense of time is lost. Sequences repeat themselves. Woyzeck's nightmare of a life wants to be experienced again and again. Does he always make the same decisions? Or does he rewrite his history?

"Every human being is an abyss; it makes you dizzy to look down." (Georg Büchner)

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