Approximation Festival 2022
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Approximation Festival 2022

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In the festival's words:

A festival in search of boundaries

The idea for the Approximation Festival arose from the motivation to unite musicians and composers in a project that dares to cross boundaries on the piano. The festival wants to try to approach (approximate) this so versatile instrument in a new, innovative way and based on a wide variety of contexts or styles.

The Approximation Festival was launched in 2005 in the Salon des Amateurs at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf by Volker Bertelmann (HAUSCHKA) and Aron Mehzion. While the focus at the time of Approximation's founding was still on the interface between piano and electronic music, connections to other forms of experimental and new music soon opened up. In the years that followed, Approximation's approach expanded into a cross-border festival en miniature that sought out and presented extremes with its contrasting concerts. The concerts were aimed not only at a "classical" audience, but also at a more avant-garde, new music, jazz, lounge, pop and experimental clientele: an attempt to open up new horizons in the field of audience impact of music.

The Approximation Festival sees itself as an experimental platform that brings together musicians from different generations, nations and scenes, as a forum for the contemporary exploration of piano and keyboards, but also of other instruments, voices, performance and performance practices. The concentration of extremely diverse genres within the framework of this mini-festival offers all participants - musicians as well as the audience - extraordinary concert experiences and an attack on rehearsed listening habits. The invited artists, as well as students and interested amateurs, will have the opportunity to collaborate with musicians and composers from completely different genres or contexts.

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