To all frequencies I can not sense - Serenus Zeitblom Oktett

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Marta Forsberg + Serenus Zeitblom Oktett
with a light installation by Anton Andersson

+ "Animatograph" (Premiere) by Andreas Dzialocha (Composition), Isabelle Klemt (Violoncello)

+ "Relay" by Kaj Duncan David (Composition, Relays)



Marta Forsbergs compositions are microscopic views on smallest processes, magnified to large embracive sound-spaces accompined by immersive light and color installations. The pieces are delicate “sound dramaturgies”, exploring spaces, frequencies and textures, development, brilliance and low bass. Her music comes close to electronic music although the used material usually consists of acoustic instruments like the organ or violin.

Her debut "To all frequencies I can not sense" together with a mesmerizing light installation by Anton Andersson for the berlin based Serenus Zeitblom Oktett will be premiered in the beautiful St. Elisabeth church Berlin on 27th of september.

The Serenus Zeitblom Oktett premiere comes alongside a new piece "Animatograph" by Andreas Dzialocha performed by violoncellist Isabelle Klemt for six speakers and the ultra-minimal and dark technoid performance "Relay" by Kaj Duncan David.


The Serenus Zeitblom Oktett from Berlin consists of musicians with a broad pop, free jazz and contemporary music background. Aiming for an artificial but organic live sound-production aesthetic, the Oktett is accompanied by a ninth member, the Klanggestalter. Every instrument is being amplified and processed by filters and live algorithms, neutralizing the difference of acoustic and electric instruments. The musicians worked with Matthew Herbert, Phil Minton, The Villagers, Stargaze, Johann Johannsson and many more. So far the Oktett comissioned new pieces by islandic composer Gunnar Karel Masson (S.L.Á.T.U.R.) and Ingrid Laubrock (Anthony Braxton, Kenny Wheeler, Jason Moran, Tim Berne) presented in 2015 on A L’ARME Festival in Radialsystem, Berlin. The first record debut by Andreas Dzialocha was recorded 2015, refined by Martyn Heyne (Efterklang, Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick). A release is scheduled for 2016 on Hyperdelia (12”, Berlin, HEX001) coming along with a remix by swedish artist Klara Lewis (Editions Mego).


* ANIMATOGRAPH (2016, Premiere)
for 6 speakers, Kubismus-software and violoncello

Andreas Dzialocha (DE) – Composition
Isabelle Klemt (DE) – Violoncello


* RELAY (2015-16)
for relay and light bulbs

Kaj Duncan David (DK) – Composition, Relays


for Serenus Zeitblom Oktett, 6 speakers, software and light

Marta Forsberg (SE) – Composition
Anton Andersson (SE) – Light installation

Serenus Zeitblom Oktett (Berlin)

Els Vandeweyer (BE) - Vibraphon
David Meier (CH) - Drums
Moritz Bossmann (DE) – Electric guitar
Karsten Lipp (DE) – Electric guitar
Andreas Dzialocha (DE) – Electric bass
Stella Veloce (IT) - Violoncello
Isabelle Klemt (DE) - Violoncello
Richard Koch (DE) - Trumpet
Matthias Erb (DE) – Klanggestaltung


27. September 2016
St. Elisabeth Church
Invalidenstraße 3, 10115 Berlin

Entrance 20:00 / Begin 20:30 / End 22:00

Presale: 15,00 Euro (via Eventbrite)
Box office: 20,00 Euro (reduced 15,00 Euro)

Tickets here:



Marta Forsberg is a violinist and an electro-acoustic composer from Stockholm. She works in the field of free improvisation and slow drone based music. Originally born in Härnösand she studied electro-acoustic composition in Stockholm. Her main aspiration as a composer is to create an all embracing environment for the music, performers and the audience by visualising sound with colour and light constructions. Marta Forsberg performs continually as a violinist and electronica musician both as a solo artist and in various ensembles.


Kaj Duncan David makes music with computers, electronics, instruments, lights and video. He moves freely between multimedia instrumental composition and installation through music theatre via experimental techno, always working with reduced materials, repetition and minimalistic forms. Common to almost all of his output is a focus on creating connections between what is heard and what is seen, often through the use of light as a totally integrated musical voice. He collaborates frequently, for example with multidisciplinary artist Troels Primdahl, sound-artist Kajsa Magnarsson, London composer-collective Bastard Assignments, artists involved with the London-via-Berlin Slip Imprint, and Manchester's ACM Ensemble. He has studied music and sound-art at Goldsmiths College in London (2006-09), composition with Simon Steen-Andersen while doing a masters at the Danish Institut for Electronic Music in Aarhus (2011-13) and music theatre and composition with Manos Tsangaris and Franz Martin Olbrisch at the Hochschule für Musik, Dresden (2014-16).


Isabelle Klemt studied violoncello at UdK Berlin since 2006, including a chamber music class of the Artemis Quartett. Master classes i.a. by Peter Hörr and Rudolf Gleisner. She continued her studies by Conradin Brotbek at HK Bern, Switzerland until 2013. Besides of many radio plays and filmscore recordings she played on several releases of The Notwist and Agnes Obel amongs others and performs concerts in countries worldwide. She had a one year engagement of the Bern Symphony Orchestra and performs in a duo with the french chansonnier Antoine Villoutreix. Besides she works with the Berlin-based dancer Elsa Loy, exploring the connection of music and movement and interpreting contemporary music. In 2015 she took musically part in a theatre project at Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin. Isabelle is part of the Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra.


Anton Andersson mainly has a background as a sound and light technician for theatre, concerts and dance. Recently graduating from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and then touring with bands in Europe for one year, he finds himself enjoying collaboratory projects together with artists in the electronic music scene. Most recently he worked with a electronic festival in Sweden and will now do his second piece together with Marta Forsberg. He wants to extend the sensibility of the room that the audience and the musicians share, by shifting the perspectives and density of the space.


Andreas Dzialocha (DE) is an electric bass player, programmer and composer, founder of the Serenus Zeitblom Oktett. Studies of art history, musicology, media theory and computer science. Writes environments with and without computers for instrumentalists, theater and sound installations. Performs in various ensembles between free improvised music, chamber music and pop. Bass player of the swedish group Tula (Telegram / Warner), publisher of the BLATT 3000 paper platform for contemporary music. Solo Electric Bass Album Release 2015 on Slip Imprint (London / Berlin). Co-founder of the self-curated festival VERANTWORTUNG 3000 summer 2016. Young artist award 2012, nominated by the Moers Festival. Lives and works in Berlin.


Funded by initiative neue musik berlin e.V.
and with kind support by Kultur Büro Elisabeth




St. Elisabeth-Kirche
Invalidenstr. 3
10115 Berlin

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