Big Data: Panel discussion with Heiko Maas, Sophie Mützel, Rand Hindi, James Bridle

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C/O Berlin and the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation invite you to the panel discussion entitled Big Data in the Amerika Haus.
Heiko Maas, Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection, Sophie Mützel, sociologist specializing in "media & networks", Rand Hindi, data scientist (tbc) and the artist and author James Bridle will discuss the benefits and risks of our transparent lives in times of digital exploitability of data.

The event will be moderated by the chief correspondent of Deutsche Welle and TV presenter Melinda Crane and is part of the series Watched! series on surveillance art & photography instead.

10/6 euros.

The data that we generate daily through our behavior has long since become a precious resource. Around the world, new data is collected, analyzed and evaluated for scientific, economic or political purposes without us having any influence over it. We’ve arrived in digital Big Data and are forced to do a daily balancing act between protecting our privacy on the one hand and on the other the selfunderstanding of the freedom to which the In-ternet, social media and networks belong. Who do we communicate with? Which friends should we still know? Where's the next vacation destination? How healthy are we and how we move through the city? Do we offer this information voluntarily by using the prefer-ences laid out for us in WhatsApp, Facebook, booking sites, step counters or GPS-based navigation devices? Behind attractively designed interfaces, a massive market hides in an as of yet mostly legally ambiguous and continuously growing space.

In the discussion, the participants from the fields of politics, sociology, art & data technology will grapple with the latest developments as well as with the benefits and risks in deal-ing with big data.


C/O Berlin
Hardenbergstraße 22–24
10623 Berlin

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