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Francesco Tristano - Piano Circle Songs Release live im Funkhaus

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Funkhaus Session No14

Alongside with his career in electronic music, Francecso has simultaneously continued to grow as a classical pianist with a repertoire half way between baroque (mainly Bach and before) and twentieth and twenty first century music, organizing his programs as if they were “playlists”, which is how he likes to define them. Francesco Tristano is expanding, driven by his genuine open-minded attitude and his increasing knowledge of techno. After finalizing Aufgang – two pianos and drums with a dose of deep house –, his next endeavours lead him again to his version of techno. laying the foundations of a vast and untamed aesthetic.

Music is music and whether it is baroque or modern, dance or ambient, it attempts to connect with mind and body, to the euphoric and the sublime.

Doors: 18:30
Showtime: 20:30




Funkhaus Nalepastrasse
Nalepastraße 18
12459 Berlin

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