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Das Atlanta Rock-Trio verkörpert einen fokussierten Sound mit drahtiger Gitarre und prägnanten Rhythmen: Wo andere Bands versuchen, Töne anzupassen, weiten die Jungs von Omni ihren Lo-Fi Klang aus und runden diesen gekonnt mit elegant-schrägen Klängen zu tanzbaren Melodien um. Macht unglaublich viel Spaß - go there!

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Framed from within the relentless heatwave of Atlanta, Georgia, Omni cuts through the oppressive humidity of the gilded southern capital with a cool and breezy combo of lo-fi nonchalance. In paying homage to post-punk forebears like Pylon, Wire and Devo, Omni exploits a succinct and focused sound in their 2016 debut "Deluxe".

Strung taut with wiry guitar and incisive rhythms, their approach is not without plenty of sneaky, danceable melodies to round off the hard angles. Indeed, "Deluxe" represents a mission statement to cruise a steady though lavish wave of disenchantment like it was 1979.

Their second record "Multi-Task" is an improvement to that surefire philosophy. Where guitarist Frankie Broyles once kept his noodling perfectly strict and razor-sharp, he now fans and stretches out, allowing his silvery tone to breathe in a way that summons the art and funk of Roxy Music, or occasionally even the cheekiness of Sparks.

Vocalist and bassist Philip Frobos continues to ebb and flow with his crisp and oft-detouring beats. Philip's stony voice retains a detached stoicism with hints of spirit sneaking in here and there. On the road for a solid year and left to finish the record in between tours, Omni ratchets the fidelity higher as the punk gets more "proto" and less "post"—all while the decade melts away - ex post facto, into the late 60s and early 70s. Welcome in the eccentricities, guys.




Kantine am Berghain
Rüdersdorfer Str. 70
10243 Berlin



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