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Working with a Producer

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Music Pool Berlin x Pathwaves Community Evening

How best to collaborate with a producer as a musician? At which point in the creative process should I connect with a producer, and which criteria should I consider? What kind of services to expect from a producer? What can be tips for bringing a producer into my creative process, and how can the collaboration be organized productively? There are several different approaches that producers take - Working out of a studio for the final touches of an album, or co-writing and collaborating with musicians right from the beginning of the creative process. Working closely with a label, or engaging in artist development oneself.

Further questions would be - How do producers and artists find each other? How do contracts with producers look like, and are there any legal parts of the relationship to consider? How do producers get paid? Do producers help artists to connect to a label? How to work together in the collaborative stages? What exactly can be the producer's role? What management and admin tasks do producers take on? What is the benefit of an artist for working with a producer?

This community evening brings together five producers to discuss their approaches, all working in different contexts, musical styles, and taking different approaches to producing. It will be interesting for both musicians and fellow producers to learn more about the various experiences with collaborations between producers and musicians.

The evening is co-organized and moderated by musician and producer Jane Arnison and her Pathwaves project – who is familiar with both sides of the collaborative process.


Riverside Studios Berlin
Pfuelstrasse 5
10997 Berlin

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