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Man nehme Fruity Grooves, jede Menge Crew Love, zwei Turntables und erhält einen Party-Smoothie mit Abhängigkeitsgefahr. Gemixt wird dieses Mal von zu Hause aus auf Als Special Guest ist dieses Mal Hektor von der Grid-Crew aus Ghent dabei, mit Live-Visuals wird er euch den Desktop visuell verschönern. Das Audio-Material kommt natürlich von den Linksfüßlern.

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Hey DJs (Data Jockeys)!

in this performance, we will send data packets from a Xone:23 wave mixer along a global network of underground cables in adherence to the Earth Internet Protocol (IP). These data packets, receivable on TCP port 443, may be decoupled (with a common sound card) into rhythmic pulses in the aural frequency range (~20Hz - 20.000Hz). Patterns in frequency amplitude are known to jiggle ear drums in the human body and induce resonant emotion. It is these resonant emotions to which we optimize our Earth-style DJ Mixes.

Open your ports and warm up those sound cards for a special delivery from the mothership!

On 3. April at 19:30, The Music For The Left Footed is on air for an evening session by the decks.
We are happy to invite Hektor from the Ghent-based Grid - collective to join as guest VJ, streaming live-coded pixels from Belgium.

We are further happy to forward all donations from the stream on directly to the Berliner Stadtmission’s emergency funding for care and treatment for Berlin’s homeless:

We also encourage you to sign this petition: in support of opening unused hotel rooms in Berlin to the homeless population, who are particularly at risk from the COVID virus.

The main thing: support and send love to your neighbors, in any way, shape, or form.

We’re looking forward to the stream and the evening together!



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