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Dies | Das // Drinnen Draußen - Online Open Air 2.0

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As the nights get shorter, the days longer and the sun warmer, it tickles us in all our body to dangle our souls together with you and indulge in this seductive spring feeling.

What goes wonderfully well with good weather, cold beer and the desire to let go with others?

Right, a dreamy and relaxed open air atmosphere.

We want to invite you to let go, together with people from all over the world and all together celebrate our love for finest electronic sound and wonderful workshops.

So put on your swimming trunks and then off to the "Dies | Das // Drinnen Draussen - Online Open Air 2.0" on Saturday, April 4th.

We, from the Dies | Das - collective, are busy working on idyllic floors, assembling beautiful line ups and organizing great workshops for you.

It will all take place on Twitch -


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