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Livestream: Ed Fraser & Rosa Mercedes bei

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Wärmster Indie-Rock straight outta Australia! Sie sind Leadsänger, mates in der "Ed Fraser Band", Projektlenker von "Kino Motel" und momentan "Zellengenossen". Die Quarantäne motivierte die Beiden einen wundervollen Song zu schreiben - Reinhören lohnt sich! Und nicht vergessen auf einzustreamen.

Das sagt der/die Veranstalter:in:

Ed Fraser (HEADS.) and Rosa Mercedes are bandmates in the Ed Fraser Band, co-conspirators in Kino Motel, and now also cellmates in quarantine in Melbourne. Like many others, all of our Australian and European touring plans for all of our projects were cancelled for the foreseeable future.

We wanted to do something positive as we’re all in this situation together, to create something and to keep moving while also being stuck in Australia.

Instead of touring we’ve also just released a brand new song independently - ‘Saw The Sails Come Down’ - on a pay what you like basis. We want people to have this song for free if they like, and we hope to bring something positive into people’s homes in these strange times.

Saw The Sails Come Down is a song of high hopes in isolation, written and recorded at home in Melbourne over the last few weeks. The photo on the cover is by South African photographer Willem van den Heever.

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