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Livestream: Starry Night

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Escape the city lights! Europas modernstes Wissenschaftstheater bringt euch unser Universum in eure eigenen vier Wände. Mit der englischsprachige Live-Show habt ihr die Chance den Glanz des Nachthimmels zu genießen und unser Sonnensystem individuell zu erkunden und sogar zu anderen Galaxien zu fliegen. Mega!

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Have you been wanting to enjoy the spelndor of the night sky, explore our solar system and even fly to other galaxies? Well now is your chance! Starry Night is a live English-speaking show and serves as your guide to the sky.

Due to the current restrictions due to coronavirus, we are streaming Starry Night live from inside the planetarium so that the sanitary and distance regulations are observed. Let us bring the universe to you at home, and keep you safe too!


Escape the city lights and join us on a journey through the depths of space. Gaze at the objects previously hidden in the current night sky over Berlin and become familiar with ancient tales of the wondrous constellations. Leaving Earth behind, we will fly through the solar system, exploring interstellar space before leaving the Milky Way. After glancing at the very edge of the observable universe, it will be time to return to the planet we call home, wrapped in the warm glow of our Sun.

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Bild © ESA/Hubble & NASA


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