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Der Beinahe-Buchhalter hat sich zum Glück der Musik verschrieben und überzeugt heute als Sänger und Produzent mit gefühlvollen Songs à la Sufjan Stevens oder Frank Ocean sowie einem erst kürzlich erschienen Solo-Debütalbum, mit viel Charakter und jeder Menge tiefer Emotionen. Wir freuen uns sehr ihn bei zu begrüßen!

Das sagt der/die Veranstalter:in:

Irish artist delush found himself inspired by Campbell’s Hero’s Journey and embarked on an emotional and musical journey of his own, which is to be re-lived through nine powerful, soulful tracks on his debut album THE JOURNEY TO ZERO.

Having been based in Berlin for over 6 years, Irish singer, songwriter and producer Enda Gallery has worked with many acknowledged German artists from the electronic and hip hop scene such as Kid Simius, Niconé and Nobodys Face while sporting the experimental pop duo Kilnamana and bringing his solo project delush to life. After years of collaborating with other artists, delush is due to release his first solo album THE JOURNEY TO ZERO on April 24th 2020.

Previous releases of the forthcoming album include the ballad “Don't Let Me Win“ released at the end of 2018, followed by “It’s Alright” - a collaboration with Limerick rap talent Strange Boy - and “The Greatest Gift“ - a hauntingly beautiful duet with afro-irish soul singer Tolü Makay, in 2019.

Don’t Let Me Win:
“The type of song that wheedles its way into your life and never leaves… I keep coming back to it”
Cerys Matthews, BBC 6 Music

It’s Alright:
Featured on the BBC Introducing Mixtape
“Superb” - John Kennedy, Radio X
Featured in the Top 50 tracks in Ireland, 2019 with “style and substance in spades.” - Nialler9

The Greatest Gift:
“Jaysus, this is beautiful.” Ed Smith, Today FM.
“Our Track of the Day” Jenny Greene, 2FM

delush describes the album, whose title is an expansive reference to Joseph Campbell’s well-known “Hero’s Journey” as a journey to the source of all creation, our journey home. Literature and film enthusiasts may be familiar with the term, as many stories are based on this principle of the monomyth: the main protagonist sets off on a journey, having to overcome various challenges and difficulties which influence their personal development before finally reaching their ultimate goal and returning with their prize, or accepting defeat.
Intrigued by this pattern, delush decided to embark on his own journey, resulting in his first solo album: “I decided to expand this concept beyond what had been set out by Joseph Campbell to my own understanding of the journey of every human which is to first awake and find yourself as a separate being and eventually work through the difficulties of life, of the other, of the ego and the mind and to eventually find freedom. One may make this journey many times and forget again and again, finding themselves lost in a human drama. This is the nature of things. We are all walking home. This album describes one such journey home and invites you to come to, if you’d like to.”

With his music delush wants to inspire self-awareness and encourage an open mind for the wonder of everyday life. “I find life actually pretty amazing and I think about the mystery of it a lot. We just take it for granted that we are all here most of the time, and the mystery is lost in the mundanity in life. I made this album in order to pick me up wherever I am and journey me home, to help me remember who I truly am. Maybe it can do the same for someone else.”

The nine tracks of the album represent various situations and stops on this very journey - beginning with apparent separateness, the source of all problems, pain, suffering, self-pity and ego, transition moment of surrender leading to euphoria and finally relief and the knowledge of true freedom.


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