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Die Indie-Pop-Boys aus Hamm feiern endlich nach fünf Jahren ihr Album-Debüt und das wird fett: Am Release-Day gibt's nämlich ein Online-Konzert, was sich anfühlen wird, als wenn ihr vor Ort am Start seid. Und es kommt noch besser: For real seid ihr mit HELMUT am Start: Wir verlosen Tickets, die es nicht Mal zu kaufen gibt & euch wirklich in Konzertsaal bringen - Whassup!?

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Giant Rooks
‚ROOKERY Release Show'

The worldwide premiere of their debut album ROOKERY!
A virtual hybrid live experience.

media partner: MusikBlog, FluxFM & ASK HELMUT

Five years after their first EP, Giant Rooks will release their long-awaited debut "ROOKERY" on August 28th, 2020. To complete their perfect debut, they will perform their album live on release day and share it with the whole world via For this world premiere, the band will create their own space where reality mixes with augmented reality to give the audience a new experience as close as possible to a real concert. The recording of the show with several high-quality cameras will have extended live features from the „ROOKERY" universe. In this digital space, fans will be able to meet in chatrooms and share this special day for Giant Rooks with a special kind of live stream.

Never miss another concert! That sounds like a dream, but it is possible from now on. As of now on you are no longer dependent on the band coming to your city, tickets for the show are still available or generally clubs being open for visitors again. With the new online platform the concerts of your favourite acts will be broadcasted directly to your screens, no matter where you are. There is no album premiere, no concert highlight and no secret gig that you can't see live.

However, is not just a concert stream, but rather an interactive place that brings the concert experience in all its facets to your screens. There will be various camera perspectives, dynamic image cuts and interactions via voice and video chat. Put yourself virtually in the rooms of the venue. Start a private Watchgroup with your friends or mingle alone with the crowd and meet new people. The small talk at the bar as well as the big merchandising stand is also provided by extra areas. The acts will also have the possibility to give free rein to their creativity in stage design and scenes using augmented reality. The high quality of the stream is ensured by audio and video transmission via HD.

Please note that you’ll I need the following to join
1. a good Internet connection. Recommended speed:
download: 4 Mbit/s / upload: 512 Kbit/s
2. Chrome, Firefox or Edge (Chromium) as browser.
3. for the perfect concert experience, watch the stream on your desktop. The mobile view allows you to watch the stream, but does not yet support the interactive features.




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