FRAMED SATELLITE / MUSIC: Stimulus, ART: Lucy Teasdale

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Every other Friday 19:30 CET, at our Cultural Salon in Friedrichshain.
Each event will host a concert & a solo art exhibition, surrounded by a small audience in an intimate setting, transmitted live through our website and other social media.

The Brooklyn born MC and DJ was discovered by Mark Ronson, who recorded and produced his first demo. Stimulus went on to release his debut solo MC project on Universal. Versatility describes his talents best. His appearances at concert venues and nightclubs on 6 continents with Vogue, Nike, MTV, Absolut and major TV & Radio stations always impress, Stim is always on point as an MC and as a DJ.

Lucy Teasdale (*1984) is a British-German sculptor. She lives and works in Berlin. She is interested playing with & reinterpreting sculptural motifs. A reoccurring theme in her work is the struggle to show movement within a static sculpture. At the moment she is working on a serious of sculptures based around the idea of turning points of history - a reaction to the currently often heard phrase “In these unprecedented times…" For this exhibition she will be showing her new work “1848- Year of Revolutions”, which was produced during her month at Framed process as well as a selection of other works.

Join us for another evening of live music, art and friends!




Simplonstraße 29
10245 Berlin

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