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Digitalism Live

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Endlich beglückt uns das Ausnahme-Duo wieder mit ihren erfolgreichen Electro-House Tracks - wenn auch digital. Alle Spenden gehen zurück ans Team und den Charity Partner #KÜNSTLERSPENDENFREUDE. Nichts wie hin da, in den digitalen Raum!

Das sagt der/die Veranstalter:in:

Digitalism return from stereo space and invite you to their next online gig!

For one night only, the famous pyramid is coming to your Home Zone again.
Be part of this special event and join us^ for the big show and lots of exclusive extras and insights around it.

“Many of us are still stuck in lockdowns around the world. It’s time to get together again and let us stream euphoria straight to your sound system. Escape for one night — online only.”

Your ticket donation will go towards the whole team involved in this project
– that includes everyone who’s kindly helping to make this happen (sound, lights, technicians, cameras, the space and all other helping hands) and the charity #KÜNSTLERSPENDENFREUDE by Deutscher Eventverband who fund and organise artists to play at children’s hospices, shelters and care homes to provide joy for one side and a much-needed income for the other.

Are you in?




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