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Worker, Unite! An Online Cabaret

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A spectre is haunting the internet – the spectre of stripp3rs out of work. All the powers of the internet have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Censorship and Pandemic, Patriarchy and Stigma, Incels and SWERFS.

Our abandoned red boots were staring at us after months of disuse, and we decided to polish them and assemble our next online show. Without the thrill of actual work, we are instead offering you an amusing night of politically charged entertainment at the vigil of Workers’ Day. Our comrade, a stripp3r out of work, will host the event and call the Jobcenter to be given other paths of employment. Each performance will portray a different job the host can apply for. Expect critical and comical portrayals of labour under capitalism with a Berlin Stripp3rs Collective slinky twist.

Who will hire our comrade? Watch our show on the 29th of April at 8.30 CET to find out…

The proletarians have nothing to lose but their clothes. They have a world to win. Workers of the world, unite!


If you want to have a drink and celebrate with us, join us for the after party!

We have prepared a bubbly party where you will have the chance to turn on your microphones and interact, ask us questions, share your thoughts or just toast and say hi.

We would like to know what you would do with your daily lives if you didn’t have to work for money anymore (if basic income becomes a reality)... Send us your answers to our email address or turn on your mic and tell us about it during the afterparty.

We encourage you to dress up for the occasion: choose a profession and surprise us with your best costumes in line with Workers’ Day! The best costume will win a ticket to our next show!

We are aware that our last after party was a bit unstructured, but we have learnt from our mistakes and now, with some more experience at our hands, we are looking forward to offering you the chance to interact and celebrate with us!

During the after party you will have the chance to spice up your evening and book some private dances.


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