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A Resounding Tinkle

Gesprochenes Comedy & Kabarett

Das sagt der/die Veranstalter:in:

What do you do when the elephant you’ve ordered is the wrong size and the zoo won’t open until the morning? What’s the point of having two adjustable spanners? And is there time to form a government at six o’clock in the evening?

Bro and Middie Paradock have a lot on their plate. Decisions need to be made, solutions found, neighbours avoided. Within the quiet order of the Paradocks’ living room, the pressure is on.

Critic Kenneth Tynan called dramatist N.F. Simpson "the most gifted comic writer the English stage has discovered since the war", John Cleese hailed him the “Godfather of Monty Python’s Flying Circus”.

Simpson’s absurdist satire of surburban life in post-war Britain finds remarkable resonance in today’s rapidly changing, disruptive world.

A linguistic rollercoaster of a comedy for lovers of wordplay and utter nonsense.


Veteranenstr. 21
10119 Berlin

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