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Heard of the Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda?
It is widely regarded as Africa's premier electronic music festival, earning this title from Factmag and numerous attendees who have experienced its magic firsthand.
Now, the Afropollination Festival is bringing a taste of Nyege Nyege to Berlin, showcasing a diverse range of underground electronic music from various African countries in collaboration with Berlin based artist and collectives.
Taking place on 17 and 18 June at Festsaal Kreuzberg, this event promises an exciting lineup and unique performances, including:
# One-of-a-kind collaborations between Nyege Nyege artists and some of Berlin's most innovative artists resulted from the Afropollination project's collaborative efforts.
# Engaging dance performances and workshops designed to include festival visitors of all backgrounds and skill levels.
# Dive into experimantal sounds and rhythms of Singeli, Balani, Gqom, Afrobeats and much more.
The name "Nyege Nyege" derives from the Luganda language, translating to an irresistible, spontaneous urge to dance. So come and put your feet and hips to the test, and see if you can resist the infectious rhythms and melodies that will fill the weekend event.

Daily Ticket: 16,75 € (pre-sale)

SATURDAY 17.6. | Doors open 20:00
21:00 | Vincent Moon (live cinema)
22:00 | Binghi x Astan KA x Exoce Existe (live)
23:00 | African Acid is the Future x Fanny Love x Exoce Existe (live)
00:00 | Freak de l'Afrique (live)
01:00 | Bloomfeld x MP3
02:00 | Sisso x Maiko x Zai x Nana (live)
03:00 | PÖ
04:00 | Chrisman
05:00 | Turkana
End 06:00

SUNDAY 18.06. | Doors open 16:00
17:00 | DJ Mixanthrope / African Beats & Pieces
18:00 | Booty Therapy Dance Workshop
19:00 | Freak De Láfrique Dance Workshop
20:00 | Kasapio Fashion Show
20:30 | Miziguruka x Binghi (live)
21:15 | Zora Snake x Fanny Love (performance)
21:45 | Afrorack x Jessica Ekomane (live)
22:30 | Debmaster x Chrisman
23:30 | DJ Diaki x Jay Mita x Zai x Nana (live)
End 01:00

The Afropollination Music + Dance Festival the closing event of the Afropollination project led by Ugandan-based Nyege Nyege Festival and Berlin-based Piranha Arts, organizers of WOMEX and Karneval der Kulturen.
This project enabled creative collaboration between artists from Cameroon, Mali, DRC, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Germany, and France.
Afropollination Music + Dance is funded by the TURN2 fund of the German Cultural Foundation.
Further partners are MS Stubnitz, CTM Festival, Festsaal Kreuzberg, Radio Cosmo, Jungle World and Rausgegangen.

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