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Welcome to AL DENTE, an exhibition that celebrates the firm yet tender bite of emerging talent of the Berlin art scene. Like al dente pasta, these artists have been cooked to exquisiteness and are ready to be consumed by the senses.

This exhibition is an opportunity for artists to show their vision and talent, a platform for their work to be embraced by a wider audience.  The artistic positions range from abstract paintings, photographic works to sculptures and therefore initiate a multitude of perspectives that reflect but also interact with our realities.

They are simultaneously breaking new and old ground by exploring new mediums while still respecting the foundations of their craft. AL DENTE represents the symmetry of soft and firm, where you can encounter these young artists in the former Bötzow brewery, a place steeped in history, striking a balance between heritage and disruption.

So come immerse yourself in the AL DENTE experience of these emerging artists. Allow their works to delight your senses and inspire you to seek out new and exciting impressions!


AL DENTE at Bötzow Berlin | 14. - 17.09.2023 | Prenzlauer Allee 242, 10405 Berlin
Opening: THU: 5-10 PM, FR: 5-9 PM, SA: 2-7 PM , SU: 2-6 PM
Aline Schwörer, Erold Sommer, Frederik Marks, Iaroslav Kusch, Lisa Götze, Pascal Wild, Suah Im, Tim Leimbach, Vasil Berela
Brought to you by: Erold Sommer & Pascal Wild


Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany Berlin

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