Andarta, Ilia Gorovitz

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experimental drums | electronics | noise punk | noise rock | industrialIlia Gorovitz is a sound & visual artist, a drummer, composer and a producer. With his live setup, Ilia uses his drums not only as an acoustic instrument, but also as a controller to manipulate the electronic and processed sounds. Orbiting and residing in a murky engine oil bunker scented with sweat and the aura of disgust/contempt, illuminated by the flickering back light of a broken strobe is where you'll find, or possibly run into for this low slung drop tuned sludge, that easily and heavily reflect upon the current times with the same angst as early Swans and the formidable Melvins albeit the comic strip humour of the latter. Konzert wird unterstützt vom Verband für aktuelle Musik Hamburg und der Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg.Supported by Pfund & Dollar 

Einlass: 19:30 Uhr


MS Stubnitz Kirchenpauerkai 26 20457 Hamburg

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