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The "Anker Sessions".

Coming from our former PopUp Venue AnkerHaide, we managed to get some of the best Musicians Munich has to offer playing every Thursday for your entertainment. 

The "Houseband" hosts a Line Up of 11 Musicians that share the stage in different constellations each week.

// Jules Williams (Vocals/Session Host)

// Guido May (Drums)

// Peter Oscar Kraus (Drums)

// Raoul Walton (Bass)

// Dominik Palmer (Bass)

// Azhar Kamal (Guitar)

// Maxi Nachtmann (Guitar)

// Michael Wagner (Guitar)

// Ferdi Kirner (Guitar)

// André Schwager (Keys)

// Fabo (Keys)


Come by and enjoy a great Session Opener and feel free to ask for a slot during the Open Stage if you want to join on stage!





LIVE.EVIL Rosenheimer Straße 5 81667 München