FOTO: © Automaticamore!


Das sagt der/die Veranstalter:in:

▼ Kinzo Chrome (CHRONO BROSS/Radar)


▼ Rena Volvo (Sua Onda/Automaticamore)

▼Andrea Zucca (Automaticamore)

▼Cmd Tulch (Automaticamore)

▼Hank Clap (Automaticamore / Girls/Boys/Art/Pleasure)



Beate Uwe

Do you remember that night in early 2019 when Kinzo filled the DJ Booth with the most precious and desired Italo Gems and Beate Uwe was dripping and screaming in joy? I guess we prepared everything to make it happen again and are happy to finally have him over from Krakow for a second time.

Also behind the desks and ready to boogy that night: Automaticamore peeps Rena Volvo, Andrea Zucca, Cmd Tulch and Hank Clap...


Beate Uwe
Schillingstr. 31
10179 Berlin

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