BLITZ with Blue Hour, Dr. Rubinstein, Silent Servant, Zenker Brothers. PLUS with Beau Wanzer

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Set times for the weekends are published every Friday noon at www.blitz. club.   PLEASE RESPECT OUR NO PHOTO POLICY! NO PHONES ON THE DANCE FLOORS! BE WHO YOU ARE! LOVE IS THE MESSAGE! 

Tonight’s lineup on the BLITZ floor explores the spectrum of hallucinatory and stern Techno dynamics with the likes of Blue Hour, Dr. Rubinstein, Silent Servant and the Zenker Brothers. 

British-born artist Blue Hour and the formerly Tel-Aviv based Dr. Rubinstein, now both live in Berlin and are united in their love of trippy 90’s Acid Techno. Blue Hour stays true to his artist name regarding his sonic palette, with dusky and chilled, opaque emotions while Dr. Rubinstein aims for the upbeat and blissed out, with both gently developing their sets to take dancers on a journey.  

Juan Mendez has been producing records under the moniker Jasper and as Sandwell District (along with fellow artists Function and Regis) since the 90ies, but he’s best known as Silent Servant. He connects various musical influences from the past for timeless results, ranging from the feral industrial power of the Downwards imprint sound and the lush soundscapes of dub techno to the sombre, wiry-glam of 80’s Post-Punk and No-Wave electronics.

Marco and Dario Zenker shake up the rhythmic palette with their unique and irresistible handling of break-beat inspired techno grooves: rollin’ and stratching’, they blend the best of rigid techno’s hypnotizing dramatugry with the effervescent variety of bass-inspired rhythms for hazy euphoria. 

Munich’s leftfield clubmusic crew Orbital Reflector turn to the PLUS floor for a ride into unforeseeable sonic territories to be discovered by eager ears and dancers. They’ve invited Chicago’s Beau Wanzer, who’s already affiliated with Silent Servant and his Jealous God imprint. His outsider brand of electronic music is fuelled by a love of the obscure and is often provocative, but always fascinating. Weird and wonderful, challenging and rewarding.  Kiawash, one of Orbital Reflectors driving forces and Sarmabot are united by their penchant for savvy and deep, multifaceted rhythms, electronic or organic, and well-reflected thoughts on club culture. Expect a widely-informed and inspired curation from the two talented DJs from our hometown.


BLITZ Club Museumsinsel 1 80538 München

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