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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

This guideline unites us and drives us.

breakfest wants to bring various kinds of drum rhythms to the forefront and create an unimagined energy that will remain unforgettable for several days.


For this very first edition @milla  we are proud to present the following menu:


Warm Up by MAENDI b2b servicekit


Far back in the world wide space, where glitch atoms, hyperpop elements and bass vibes intersect – that’s where MAENDI and servicekit met. Not only their affection for energetic and bass-heavy kitsch, but also a close cooperation at Radio 80000 connects these two. They constantly keep each other up to date with musical pearls and if you look at their chat history, you’ll come across one or the other: „I know that, it’s awesome“ or „I didn’t know that, brilliant!“

Simply put: Die verstehen sich, so join them for an emotional and progressive warm up.

Main Hour MSJY

Shapeshifting MSJY continually changes form. After dark, a two-piece yellow tracksuit unleashes a frenzy of electric beats. When the sun is up, her gentler touch is at play: fusing unthinkable combinations of genre into alluring, deliberate provocations. Born from OOST club of north NL, she shapeshifts through a range of roles. By night, she’s routinely vibrating the dancefloor of Amsterdam’s De School: delivering bass-heavy, midnight selections that are unafraid to provoke. By day, her conceptual side is unearthed: brought to life in strongly thematic, cross-genre explorations. Unposed is her latest manifestation: a release series exploring the emotive nature of a club night’s final hours. Though the shapeshifting persona can be hard to pin down, her DJ sets are rarely of the mark: willing to unwind the norms and push the narrative. A character who both owns and shifts the script.

Last Hour luedj

luedj is easy to describe. He really does everything to get you moving. His roots are in the undergound rave scene of munich, where he has been promoting free and open partying outside of commercial club structures since 2017. His intentions are to present alternative ideas to the normative club sound and does this with cross-genre mixing and cheeky surprises.



28.05.2022 //  Beginn: 23:00 Uhr

AK: 10,00 €


Milla Club
Holzstraße 28
80469 München

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