Elektrokohle ( Cold Punk / Berlin ) + Du-Rag (Post Punk / Leipzig )

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- Elektrokohle

It was born (during the lockdown) as a duo, more out of necessity than out of pleasure for that cold sound like the times we live in. They recorded a homemade two-song demo with an 8-track, all DIY. Now for the first time they will perform as a trio, with the addition of a bass player (surprise surprise). Their sound is gloomy cold punk straight out of early 80's East Germany. Kalt wie du bist.



- Du-Rag

It was in 2015 when Chuck Skullz (Bruised Knees, The Creeping Nobodies) who had relocated from Toronto to Leipzig met Franz, whose former outfit Monozid had just called it a day, and the two decided to start a new musical project. The next years saw a number of other people come and go. This period eventually resulted in a compilation of songs that was released in december 2021 on Leipzig based label „Cassettendienst“, run by graphic artist Markus Färber.In 2022 DU-RAG exists as a trio. A new mini-album will be out in november 2022.



Before and after the concerts E.K. djset Punk, Post Punk and SEX BEAT!



Ackerstraße 169
10115 Berlin

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