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FREAKY – movement laboratory & training

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FREAKY - movement laboratory & training is back! It is an interdisciplinary format for movement research, physical training and knowledge sharing, a laboratory for ideas.

Initiated by the FREAKY Pool, more than 30 local dance and circus makers; hosted by Overhead Project:


We meet on Sundays, 17.30 Uhr / 5.30 p.m. at our cooperation partner LATIBUL Theater- & Zirkuspädagogisches Zentrum Köln – An der Schanz 6 | 50735 Köln

Participation costs 7€ / student price 5€ (+ ticketing fees) to cover for the room & heating. 

Please get your ticket online before you arrive – thanks! If less than 3 people have registered for a session by Sunday at 13.00 Uhr / 1 p.m., we reserve the right to cancel it. Tickets already paid for will be refunded.

We work in close physical contact. To make everyone feel safe, we ask for compliance with the current Corona Protection Ordinance (CoronaSchVO) of NRW. If you do not feel well or have symptoms on the day of the workshop, please do not participate. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!


Dates already scheduled:

May 8th, 2022 // #training Kino - Phonic Power with Nikos Konstantakis: A voice training for dancers and actors. Activate and empower your voice while moving. We will work on different choreographic situations challenging to produce voice while moving and we will use breathe to support the function of the voice.

May 15th, 2022 // #training Contemporary Dance with Francesca Merolla: The training will consist of a dynamic physical playground, with an active focus on the relation with space and the others, in a constant atmosphere of sharing. We will combine elements of both floor-work and partnering to put our bodies in a playful and challenging environment, where we experience ourselves in an inner to outer communication in connection and integration with the outside world. We will fuel our bodies through mobilization, warmth and awareness, in order to look for truth and organicity in the movement and being able to power through different energy levels. Finally, including some of these elements, I will be sharing some set material to have a common base and enjoy the openness of dancing together.

May 22nd, 2022 // leider ABGESAGT / VERSCHOBEN auf 29.05.2022!

May 29th, 2022 // #training Movement guidance with Mijin Kim: We will experience the dynamic energy of sharing the balancing between the weight and the centre of gravity with partner and group. Floor, in the air, hanging, supporting, push, pull and climbing! We will move somewhere between Contact Impro and Partnering.

June 2nd - 6th, 2022 // CircusDanceFestival Köln – You are all invited:

June 12th, 2022 // #training Movement Training with Salim Ben Mammar: We start solidly with a warm up and strengthening. Then we will do short sequences of movements, movement games and coordination exercises. We mix dance with parkour and floorwork - we move, sweat and have sore muscles afterwards ;)

June 19th, 2022 // #training / #lab Powerful fluidity with Hrista Panayotova: The training is set as a powerful and dynamic, and yet sensitive and fluid playground, that will combine elements of floorwork, acrobatics, partnering and improvisation. The participants will be guided through some very concrete physical exercises aiming for playfulness and building up trust within the search for fluidity in the strong physicality.

June 26th, 2022 // #jam Training into Improvisation with Mira Rosa Plikat: We will start with warming up together and train playfully in connection with the group. The focus will lie on keeping the attention to a partner while moving through different exercises. We will apply a few improvisation scores and try them out together before the open improvisation Jam starts where everyone is free to play.

July 3rd, 2022 // #training Between Thresholds: practice of movement with Sebastiao Soares: Taking the idea that between thresholds there is a "nothing" full of power, I propose a series of exercises inspired by dance, capoeira, and yoga, with the purpose of opening space for improvisation as a field of discovery of individual physical potentialities.


FREAKY – movement laboratory & training is an experimental format for movement research and knowledge sharing, a laboratory for physical training. Each #lab or #training is facilitated by locals with a professional background as performers, dancers, movers, etc. thus providing a very diverse range of practice. The wish and vision is to learn from each other, to support one another with individual resources, to grow and improve together and create an interdisciplinary community in Cologne and beyond. FREAKY is open to all levels and disciplines. We want to achieve a high level of movement, but in mixed groups of amateurs and professionals. All are welcome!


#lab | #training > 90 minutes

#jam (each last date of the month) > 120 minutes, including 30 minutes introduction


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