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FREAKY – movement laboratory & training is back! It is an interdisciplinary format for movement research, physical training and knowledge sharing, a laboratory for ideas. It is initiated by the FREAKY Pool, more than 30 local dance and circus makers and hosted by Overhead Project – more info: Each session is accompanied by a professionally practicing person. We will give the information about the impulses in time both here and on the social media channels of Overhead Project (Instagram & Facebook).


We meet on Sundays, 17.30 Uhr / 5.30 p.m. at our cooperation partner LATIBUL Theater- & Zirkuspädagogisches Zentrum Köln – An der Schanz 6 | 50735 Köln

  • Comfortable clothes and plenty of drinks have to be brought by yourself. Everything else that is required for the workshop will of course be provided. 
  • The training takes place in the tent "Latibule" down on the meadow of the circus area. Please keep left after the main entrance. The way is usually signposted.
  • Please be on site a few minutes before the start time so that the session can start on time.
  • We work in close physical contact. To make everyone feel safe, we ask for compliance with the current Corona Protection Ordinance (CoronaSchVO) of NRW. If you do not feel well or have any symptoms of illness on the day of the workshop, please do not participate. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!


Dates already scheduled:

August 7th, 2022 // #training The monkey in the wolf and the wolf in the monkey with Greta Salgado: Greta will share some methods of mobility and fluctuation from contemporary floor technique, as well as some resistance based techniques of her own interpretation from Brazilian jiujitsu training. Passing from being our own partners, being the partners with the floor and being the floor for ourselves and for another body. Bodies with all sort of physical, emotional, spiritual and mental backgrounds welcome!

August 14th, 2022 // #training Power from open structures with Emmanuel Große: The training will be a space for sensing in dynamic and powerful movements. It is based in contemporary dance. It provides tools to go through somatic approaches into powerful and dynamic motion. We will explore our own bodies to find the activation within ourselves to create a body that feels easy even when the movement becomes difficult and challenging and then we swet.


    FREAKY – movement laboratory & training is an experimental format for movement research and knowledge sharing, a laboratory for physical training. Each #lab or #training is facilitated by locals with a professional background as performers, dancers, movers, etc. thus providing a very diverse range of practice. The wish and vision is to learn from each other, to support one another with individual resources, to grow and improve together and create an interdisciplinary community in Cologne and beyond. FREAKY is open to all levels and disciplines. We want to achieve a high level of movement, but in mixed groups of amateurs and professionals. All are welcome!


    #lab | #training > 90 minutes

    #jam (each last date of the month) > 120 minutes, including 30 minutes introduction



    Participation costs 7€ / student price 5€ (+ ticketing fees) to cover for the room costs. Please get your ticket online before you arrive – thanks! If less than 3 people have registered for a session by Sunday at 13.00 Uhr / 1 p.m., we reserve the right to cancel it. Tickets already paid for will be refunded or can be used for another session.

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