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By Mab Cardoso

The stage production of GAMEOVER intersects dance and sound performance. This performance is aimed at people from the age of 12+. The piece is inspired by gaming cultures and moves through parallel experiences at a fast pace. GAMEOVER invites you on an intermedial journey where sensors translate movements into sound and motion. Choreographer and Director Mab Cardoso invites the audience into this space using the content, philosophies and aesthetics of the gaming world.


GAMEOVER challenges the audience to question how reality, attention, and body image are shaped. 


What worlds do we inhabit?  How do we shape these worlds and what challenges do we face? 


How can avatars transform our self-perception? 


When live performers act as avatars, physical and virtual worlds collide.  


Enter into the next level,  

Ready, Player 2: 

Welcome to GAMEOVER


Credits : 

artistic direction, choreography: Mab Cardoso 

dance: Mab Cardoso, Annabelle Behrendt, Luana Madikera

coding artists/technical director: Bruno Gola

costume, stage design: Giulia Paolucci

dramaturgy: Rodrigo Garcia Alves

3D Artist: Chico Preta 3D

sound design: Marina Borges Sarno

support concept, music dramaturgy: Eva-Maria Glitsch

Illustration:  Thaís Curvelo

lighting design: Mirella x Muep

lighting assistance: Rodrigo Campos de Oliveira Correa

media pedagogue: Christiane Schwinge

production: Apricot Productions- Angela Fegers, Nadine Freisleben, & Jos McKain

special thanks: Beo Da Silva, Marten Baum



15 reg, 7.50 discount


K3 Tanzplan Hamburg
Jarrestraße 20
22303 Hamburg

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