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Grooming Salon

Ausstellung Kunst Wochenendtipp

Das sagt der/die Veranstalter:in:

Invited to inaugurate dot's new cultural season, Michel Jocaille came up with the idea to transform the exhibition space into a non-traditional grooming salon where Berliners could bring their dogs for particular care in a dragged way.

He met dogs and their partners over the few weeks prior to the opening, working on some kind of aquaqueeric portraits. Grooming Salon refers to petcare as a cleaning ceremony that submits the idea of maintaining a better self.

Dogs are remarkable for the artist because of their domestication and symbolism of fidelity, love, and protection. Domestication is a sustained relationship in which humans assume significant control over the reproduction and care of another group of organisms, to secure a more predictable supply of resources.

The domestication of plants and animals was a major cultural innovation ranked in importance with the conquest of fire, the manufacturing of tools, or verbal language development.


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