„HEX“ a 360° performance

TAGESTIPP Ausstellung

Das sagt der/die Veranstalter:in:

Choreographer and dancer Carly Lave explores the alchemy of being bewitched in a solo performance staged within a hexagon of programmable LED lights.

HEX fuses a choreography of body and a choreography of light. Utilising a bespoke light design, a single dancer performs within the hexagon of light for the audience to be positioned around all sides resulting in a complete 360 performance.

HEX investigates how we transform our pain into power. Using forces of the body, light, and sound, HEX represents psychic dysphoria through bodily expression. By weaving themes of possession, dysphoria, loss, release, and self-resurrection the audience is invited to enter Into a trance.


Hosek Contemporary
10179 Berlin

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