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King Rockers Night with Hola Ghost + Dukes Of Tijuana


Mexican death-surf, Mariachi punk, digital psychobilly, dark goth disco, rock... - The style of Hola Ghost has been categorized as all of the above plus more. And not without reason; appearing live with trumpets, bandanas, bullet belts, sombreros and painted day of the death-masks, they fearlessly mix genres to create their own dark Scandinavian mariachi rock sound, inspired by surf music, Mexican folklore, dark disco, psychobilly, B-western movies and what else is out there worth listening to. The “Copenhagen gringos” present a high energy performance on albums as well as live on stage.
HOLA GHOST was formed as a duo by Peter Sandorff (ex Nekromantix and Mad Sin) with long time friend Jeppe Jessen , to work on the soundtrack for LA bound artist Gris Grimlys’ debut movie “Cannibal Flesh Riot”. They bought a haunted drum machine in a pawn shop in Los Angeles that the shop owner had won in a tequila-soaked poker game in Tijuana in Mexico. While working on the soundtrack the rhythms started to seem colored by the machines Mexican origin. The Mexican influence became trademarks for the bands two studio albums and live performances in Europe, in USA and South America. And after replacing the drum machine, the new drummer Kristian Sandorff is skillfully keeping up the tradition live as well as on the band’ releases from 2014 and on their contribution to the Rancid Tribute album "Hooligans united”, released in 2015. The 2017 release of the 7 inch featuring Django and a comic book, was the first teaser from the work on the soundtrack for the Danish graphic novel “Fandenivoldsk” released April 2018t. Hola Ghost have added two haunted Horns to the live and recording crew, and is now permanently a 5 piece band.


KNUST Hamburg Neuer Kamp 30 20357 Hamburg

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