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We kick-off - just in time for Fete de la Musique - with our Opening at the House of Music on the RAW-Area, supported by Resident Advisor. Entrance is free. The screening of the film Crip Camp – A Disability Revolution sets the mood: "We understood at that time that the disabled young people were not the problem, but we were the problem - we, the non-disabled, our ideas about disability".

We present a panel on inclusion and cultural activism, bringing together local and international community activists to share insights into their work, discuss principles of inclusion and diversity, and collectively develop perspectives for a subcultural industry in which people with disabilities are afforded with the same opportunities to develop an artistic career, just like people without disabilities.

Those who don't like to sit still, can hang out and network outside with music and BBQ vibes or try out drum machines, synthesizers and other music production machines in the open studio, which is hosted by the artists of our in-house inclusive collective Ick Mach Welle.

And since a Krake Opening without a concert wouldn’t be Krake, we'll round off the day with a performance by the Belgian combo Choolers Division - mumble rap meets experimental electronics - and a live performance by Bläck Dävil, whose Schnäll Schnäll EP is being released on Killekill in July. Krake Festival continues with a wild weekender at ://about blank

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House of music Revaler Straße 99 10245 Berlin

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