FOTO: © Sommer Ulrickson

// : 'LOST TRACK' von Sommer Ulrickson 7. - 8. + 11. December 2022 @ Club GRETCHEN

Das sagt der/die Veranstalter:in:

LOST TRACK is a  multidisciplinary dance performance showing at the iconic CLUB GRETCHEN 

in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Intertwining and uniting different forms of art from Contemporary dance to Performance, Baroque inside of techno surrounded by original Music, sculpture enclosed in Video, all playing with the specific architecture of the space. After an initial successful event, Lost Track has been refunded, reaching an even broader audience. The show takes place at the legendary vaulted hall, which once served as a horse stable for queen Victoria’s military representatives during the 19th century.  Every element of this show plays with and supports the specific architecture of the space. Lose control, find yourself, track your path, track the sound, which direction will you end up next? 


Join us at Club Gretchen for an evening of unusual and dynamic performance!




prices are from 11-16.50


Obentrautstr. 19-21
10963 Berlin

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