Mamas' Boy: Lesbian Son Comedy Special by Patrick Moore

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Patrick Moore is a total Mama's Boy, his parents are Lesbians, so it was really his only choice.
Born and raised in San Francisco, he grew up on a diet of love, attention, and tofu. From getting crystals for Christmas to being certified as an energy healer his childhood was never the typical All-American experience. Having two moms was just the start.
Mamas Boy is full of stories and jokes about Patricks experience growing up. And also covers why being hugged so much led him to marrying a German, adventurous disasters taking mushrooms in the wilderness, therapy, masculinity, and so much more!

Jolly Jumper (Haus 73)
Schulterblatt 73, 20357 Hamburg
Friday, November 3 (One night only!)
Doors open at 6:30 pm, Show starts at 7:00 pm
~ Because laughter is nice and enjoyable
~ And also because I’m an only child

This is a ticketed show, with early bird tickets priced at 12 euro, 15 the regular tickets. This show has sold out, so it is recommend to buy tickets in advance to secure your spot.

A little more about about Patrick:
Patrick Moore is a stand up comedian based in Berlin, Germany. He was a runner up in the Berlin New Stand Up Awards, headlined our Anniversary comedy festival, and performs regularly at Berlin's top English comedy club, Cosmic Comedy. He has performed in showcases in the US and across Europe, as well as running a weekly showcase and various other shows in Berlin. You can find his originals sketches and his podcast on all platforms @patmoorecomedy


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Haus 73 Schulterblatt 73 20357 Hamburg

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