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A whole new world is opening up at Melt Festival, far from any restrictions. Be it the cosmopolitan crowd or diversity embedded in all aspects of the festival – in the unique setting of Ferropolis, you can celebrate without prejudices all weekend long. Between beautiful beaches and massive iron giants, all of the lifestyle and fashion scene’s music connoisseurs and trendsetters gather, melting into a limitless creative flow thanks to an authentic affinity for underground music culture capturing the zeitgeist. At Melt, genre borders are broken down as well: vibes on all stages oscillate between hard techno sets, soulful sax samples, grunge-y guitar riffs, thumping 808s and punchlines. With more stages, more artists, and more non-music activities than ever before, Melt Festival invites its visitors into #anewworld at the wonderful location of Ferropolis.


Teilnahmebedingungen für Gewinnspiele


Ferropolisstraße 01
06773 Gräfenhainichen

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