NYSSA (experimental pop/Canada) + OSKA WALD (Chuckamuck/DieVerlierer) at Loophole

Das sagt der/die Veranstalter:in:

Toronto pagan-punk-poet NYSSA has put her hands into the lion’s mouth, gathering her performing and songwriting powers to conjure the unruly energy of rock n’ roll. Out from under fear’s thumb, NYSSA now sings about wild things, old gods, romance-beyond-borders, and the exorcism of trauma. She has quested, and she has returned.

The goal is fevered connection, a ritual-sense of music as communal release. NYSSA keens and wails and brings her audience along with her to a place of deep feeling, movement, and joy. Her lyrics are poetic and clear, lunar, eerie, angry; NYSSA’s voice is the strong container for all of it. As Dionysus would want it, over-abundance is the way. Guided by the incantation and invocation of the three C’s: Collaboration, Choreo, Covenhood!, NYSSA’s sound and stories run deep into ancient mythos, Celtic lore and back through our modern idols. Re-swaggering, re-wilding hyper-masc night moves and magick hips (think Jagger, Mink Deville, Danzig), NYSSA’s magnetic, elastic ways make satyrs of us all.

Long-listed for the 2021 Polaris prize for her debut solo album Girls Like Me, NYSSA now plays with a killer 6-piece band, a real rock ’n roll coven, featuring Lukas Cheung (Mother Tongues), Nastia Koza (KOZA), Jay Anderson (Badge Époque Ensemble, Biblical), Brandon Lim (Yamantaka//Sonic Titan), and Jess Burgess (Essie Watts).



+ OSKA WALD (solo)
Oska Wald of Berlin garagesters Chuckamuck and member of punk combo Die Verlierer, on his solo outing – Motel Reno (17/3/23 Bretford Records) – situated on a purgatorial stretch of the Highway to Hell, where the amenities include cable TV, a door mat for dusting off your cowboy boots, running water that works most of the time, a bed with a pillow and a couple of blankets with mysterious stains – well, okay, so not much, but enough to launch a series of dreams both good and bad… 

Named in homage to the legendary US underground filmmaker George Kuchar, who would spend his vacations from teaching at the San Francisco Art Institute each year at the same run-down motel in the middle of Kansas’s tornado valley, where, with little more than a selection of fast food outlets, a camcorder, and his own vices to pass the time, Kuchar filmed what would come to be seen as his masterpiece: the Weather Diaries, a series of absurdist videos documenting the minutiae of his wasted time. 

While intimations of outer space proliferate Motel Reno, the subject matter here is ultimately the inner space of Oska Wald, who, like Kuchar, has a knack for turning the banal and everyday into the stuff of eternal weight and fortitude.



MONDAY show at Loophole Berlin !
Start 20h with Oska Wald.
presented by Bretford


Loophole Boddinstr. 60 12053 Berlin

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