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Record Release Show Mushroom Cloud - A.S. Fanning & Band

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A.S. Fanning and band live at Kantine am Berghain, Berlin, for the launch of new LP 'Mushroom Cloud'

The word melancholy is far too weak to describe this. Desperation is not the right fit, either. A.S. Fanning seems to be the level-headed chronicler of a perishing world. Realistic/pessimistic. His album “Mushroom Cloud” is far more than that, though. In this album's organic and analogue production, the expansive rock band builds stunning melodic arcs around Fanning’s warm baritone voice. In connection with his inauspicious topics, this leads to a bizarre enthrallment. Listening all the way through can feel like staring into a deep dark well for a little too long.

support from Louis Brennan

Presented by:

K&F Records

Proper Octopus

Byte FM





Kantine am Berghain Rüdersdorfer Str. 70 10243 Berlin

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