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Reservoir Dogs

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With his vibrant imagination and dedication to richly layered storytelling, Quentin Tarantino ("Pulp Fiction", "Kill Bill", "From Dusk Till Dawn", "Django Unchained") is one of the most renowned, respected and influential filmmakers of our time. 1992's "Reservoir Dogs" was his celebrated feature film debut, which has since been regarded as a classic of independent film and a cult film. It stars am amazing cast with Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Steve Buscemi, Eddie Bunker, Tarantino himself, as well as Michael Madsen as a trigger-happy psychopath. The film follows this group of diamond thieves whose planned heist of a jewelry store goes terribly wrong. As the group begins to question each other's guilt, the heightening tensions threaten to explode the situation before the police step in. Incorporating many motifs that have become Tarantino's hallmarks, such as violent crime, pop culture references, profanity, and nonlinear storytelling, this savage gangster story is wildly entertaining, thrilling, upsetting and hilarious, shot and performed with verve, go-for-broke energy and gritty charisma.


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