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Schneider TM "Ereignishorizont" - Releaseshow mit Crys Cole und Jazzcats

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30.6.2023 ausland EREIGNISHORIZONT Releaseshow 

 live Schneider TM

live Crys Cole

dj team Jazzcats 

Schneider TM is going to celebrate his double album Ereignishorizont with a show at ausland together with Crys Cole (live) and DJ team Jazzcats. Ereignishorizont is the new and with over 80 minutes truly epic album by Schneider TM: experimental guitar polyrhythms & soundscapes, technological innovations and excursions into musical realms beyond the usual. Crys Cole  is a Canadian sound artist currently based in Berlin, working in composition, performance and sound installation. She works with modalities that emphasize focused listening, developing pieces through haptic gestures and seemingly mundane sources to create texturally nuanced works that continually tune the ear. Jazzcats are Kiki Bohemia and Sicker Man. Their Vinyl-Collection contains various styles of experimental music, spiritual jazz, grime and personal favourites of the 20th Century.

Vö 26.5.2023 (Karl Records)

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ausland Lychener Str. 60 10437 Berlin

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