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Sleepwalk the Dog - single release show

Konzerte & Musik Indie Gemütlicher Abend Wochenendtipp

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This concert celebrates the release of Sleepwalk the Dog's second single "The Sorrowing." The support act is Tricia Collins & Meret Ester

Sleepwalk the Dog are the modern day sirens. Harmonising voices and swapping instruments, this trio of multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriters create a sound far greater than a listener would expect from a 3-piece. This is a band that will wreck your ship on the rocks!

You can hear their debut release "Stay Away" on Spotify here:

and/or you can find them on the gram:


Tricia Collins and Meret Ester have been collaborating on a musical project since they met on a rainy evening in Neukölln in 2022. While Meret provides open tunings, obscure harmonies and chord changes fused with mystical and fantastical subject choice matters, Tricia supplies heart-throbbing hooks, fresh ideas and quirky sensibilities. Together, they manifest a night of storytelling and song via soulful, powerhouse voices that shine brighter than all the stage lights in the room.



8 bis 12 Euros spenden


Das Gift
Donaustraße 119
12043 Berlin

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