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Together with Lion's Den, Rolling Lion HiFi and Soundsystem Tales featuring SHUSH & Sonido Los Cariños, we'll meeting at YAAM for an open air gathering of soundsystems on German Unity Day.

Three areas, three styles, three different sounds !

hosted by Lion's Den

Lion’s Den is a label, a sound system, a studio and a production and promotion force from Berlin. Started by the musical activist Ras Lion a few years ago Lion’s Den has constantly been moving forward on all aspects of delivering finest in conscious music ever since – in the studio, on vinyl or at a dance.
Always on a musical mission to merge creative energies – connecting different people, different influences and inspiration – Lion’s Den is working with various vocalists, musicians and producers from all over the world. The record label is specialized in Dub, Steppas, Reggae, and other music in the same terrain on vinyl and digitally.

A fine selection of records, tuff dubs and conscious lyrics, some heavyweight speakerboxes and amplifiers and a deep love for the music combined provide for positive vibes and a special experience at any session near or far when Lion’s Den come with their sound – Ras Lion (selekta / operator / engineer), mostly joined on lyrical duties by the multilingual MCs/singers Kali Green and konTa or guests.

The agenda: word, sound and power!

• • •

hosted by Rolling Lion Hifi

Rolling Lion Hi-Fi is a 12v mobile sound system based in the south east of Berlin. Jimi Handtrix, head behind "A Bass Odyssey" decided to start the next chapter of the odyssey with a “mobile” version of a 3-way sound system – with 3 separate sections for low, mid and high frequencies – which could also be used at home / in the studio, and eventually mounted to a cargo bike for the odd open air session here and there. The system is fully powered by a 12 volt “leisure battery” (Varta LA95), and after a summer of full power sessions in the area, it brings the vibe time and time again!

• • •

Soundsystem Tales presents:
SHUSH & Sonido Los Cariños

Ken Okuda
Selektor Bony (Cumbia Fest Berlin)
Calamidades Lola
Phil Richard (Tropical Timewarp)

SHUSH is a Berlin-based collective of music lovers & music makers aiming to unite folks through movement & vibration. Their shared goal is to nurture a community that approaches music and club nights without constraints to style, tempo, or form.
The Berlin, Columbian-Mexican Project Sonido Los Cariños is dedicated to the musical roots and heritage of the African diaspora in Latin America but also pay tribute to the Jamaican Soundsystem Culture. This means one thing above all: let's dance together and enjoy life.
Soundsystem Tales - The different sound system cultures of this world have been telling their individual stories for decades. Stories that are not always easy, but leave people with a smile after a session of dancing. Respectful and crossing genre boundaries, we want to bring the different sound system cultures in the here and now through the speakers onto the dance floors and let you become part of this story.

• • •

〄 Beach Area:
to be announced soon!

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Berliner Herz was willst du mehr ?!
• 3 Sound system Areas + Beach Area
• Foodmarket & Afro-Caribbean BBQ
• Beach with Football, Basketball, Table Tennis and Kids Corner
• Kids Corner with Wizard and make-up for children
• Urban & Streetart Gallery and much more!

Fuck racism, fuck sexism, fuck gentrification!
Support your local activists!

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Teilnahmebedingungen für Gewinnspiele


YAAM Berlin An der Schillingbrücke 3, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain 10243 Berlin

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