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Tex Perkins and The Fat Rubber Band

The name Tex Perkins is renowned in the Australian music industry and internationally, having played a key role in seminal bands like the Beasts Of Bourbon and The Cruel Sea and many other notable acts.
It’s understandably difficult to pull together a coherent picture of a man whose career has taken in everything from the ground-breaking experimental punktonica of Sydney mid-80s noiseniks Thug to the lilting, dark country of his material with the Dark Horses.

European fans would be aware of the hard edged driving rock of the Beasts Of Bourbon’s, a snarling slice of filthy pub rock and also the evocative soundscapes of The Cruel Sea, whose extraordinary 1991 single ‘This Is Not The Way Home’ placed Perkins’ world-weary growl in a new musical context and heralded the emergence of an entirely original yet archetypically Australian sound.
Then there’s the Tex, Don & Charlie albums, which saw Perkins joining forces with Australia’s legendary Don Walker, Cold Chisel’s pianist and master songwriter, and uniting again with Charlie Owen (Beasts of Bourbon, The Dark Horses), previously Australia’s best kept musical secret.
Another of Perkins bands that toured Europe was The Ape, a rock act with a strong 70’s vibe and a sound reminiscent of a mix of Bon Scott's AC-DC with Sly and the Family Stone or James Brown. Hard, rough, funky and groovy, The Ape takes you back to the sound of The Beasts Of Bourbon "Little animal" era.
The next iteration from Tex Perkins is the exciting new and long overdue band with guitarist and songwriter, Matt Walker - The Fat Rubber Band. Tex and Matt, along with the new band released their critically acclaimed debut album in 2021, selling out three editions in Europe & Australia.
"As Perkins has now a really excellent Band at his side with his FAT RUBBER BAND, whilst in his earlier days he deconstructed such traditional music similar to Cave, this album is a huge "bow" to the origin of the Blues and has a great timeless quality showing hardly any signs of "wear & tear" Ox Fanzine, Germany
On the 10th February 2023 Tex & The Fat Rubber Band will release their latest album ‘Other World’ and will be touring Europe in 2023. This is a unique opportunity to see legendary Australian musicians joining forces for shows not to be missed!!!

The Fat Rubber band feature:

Matt Walker – Guitar / Vocals, who is one of the most respected musicians on the Australian music scene. His work as a songwriter, producer, session guitarist and composer is credited on dozens of albums, films and documentary scores, and among his peers down under he enjoys the status of a true cult legend. His association with Tex Perkins started in 2012 playing in Tex Perkins’ Man In Black concert band.

Roger Bergodaz – Drums / Vocals. Roger Bergodaz is a vastly experienced drummer and multi-talented musician. Roger has performed with a vast array of local artists including Matt Walker, Sime Nugent & The Forefathers, Carl Panuzzo, the Lost Ragas, and produced & engineered recordings for Suzanah Espie, Raised by Eagles, Tex Perkins, Wolfgramm Sisters, Joel Silbersher, The Dark Horses and more.

Stephen Hadley - Bass / Vocals. Stephen Hadley is a legendary bass player who has played with everyone who is anyone, including Stevie Wonder, Kate Cebrano, Paul Kelly, Tex Perkins Man In Black and many other acts, too many to mention.

Evan Richards – Percussion / Vocals. Evan has spent the last 25 years out on the road across Australia and the rest of the world, either on stage or out-front mixing at major concerts and venues around the country. He was also drummer with Melbourne band the Draught Dodgers & Burn In Hell and 20 or so other bands.

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