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The Big Blue

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French director Luc Besson‘s (»The Fifth Element«, »Leon: The Professional«) first English-language film, this fascinating and visually breath-taking 1988 film almost instantly became a cult phenomenon not only because of Besson’s famous imaginative visual technique and breathtaking photography, but also due to the emotional intensity of the film experience and the mystical themes of its story. Based on the deep-sea diving rivalry between Jacques Mayol and Enzo Majorca, the heavily fictionalized film tells the story of the friendship and sporting rivalry between to leading contemporary champion free divers, Jacques (Barr) and Enzo (Reno) who become locked in a duel of sorts to see who can go deeper into the sea and transcend the gulf between man and the mysteries of the deep. One of the most stunningly beautiful films ever made, »The Big Blue« features gorgeous underwater photography and spectacular location shooting in the French Antibes, the Greek islands, Peru, and Taormina in Sicily. A simple tale of love, friendship and the sea, which lingers in the mind long after the final credits.

In OV (Original Version)


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