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Epic Doom
unites United Kingdom and German musicians Kat Shevil Gillham (Uncoffined/Winds of Genocide/Ex-BlessedRealm), Stuart West (Ex-Obelyskkh/Ex-The Walruz) and Tim Schmidt (Naked Star/Seamount). „Usurper of the oaken throne“  and "Incantation Rites" born of this union of notable extreme music perpetrators, rending  two Albums of purely epic metal, bridging low-end heaviness with melodic destruction.They’re a powerful storm of aggression, gaining more and more momentum with true, honest spirit. „Usurper of the oaken throne“ and " Incantation Rites" has taken Thronehammer's classic Candlemass-meets-Bathory-meets-Warhorse sound to new places. A return to the eve of all that’s heavy & punishing&epic!Epic doom at its bleakest! We come to slay !

Doom-Metal / Sludge
Hailing from Hamburg (Ger) The Moth are a three-piece with a heavy, no nonsense approach to sludge- metal/doom.
Their songs are virtually void of frills, instead opting to turn out hammer heavy drums and riff ready rock ’n’ roll. As brutal as it is bewitching.

Einlass: 20:00

AK: 18,00
VVK: 16,20 inkl Gebühren -->

No Homophobia. No Violence. No Sexism. No Racism - LOVE MUSIC


Fundbureau Hamburg
Stresemannstraße 114
22769 Hamburg

Einlass: 20:00 Uhr


Fundbureau Stresemannstraße 114 22769 Hamburg


Fundbureau Köln

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