FOTO: © Katia Engel

Wälder / Hutan

Das sagt der/die Veranstalter:in:

Forests / Hutan is a contemplation on the history of sound and embarks on a search for man's first acoustic references. The sound-based performance deals with the disappearance of primary forests, the fading of their rhythms and with it the loss of one of the oldest collective human sound experiences.


How can the complex biophonies of forests be viewed as part of a collective body memory? Are there acoustic relationships between different animal species that go beyond the purely functional character? 


A team of dancers, choreographers and sound artists from Berlin and Indonesia poses these questions while listening deeply to the polyrhythms of sound images from different forests. 


The artists created individual sound recordings for WÄLDER / HUTAN in rainforests on Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) and in old beech forests in Germany.


In the composition, Felix-Florian Tödtloff arranges the rhythmic characteristics of these recordings. Together with the Indonesian dancer Ari Ersandi and the Berlin dancer Polett Kasza, Katia Engel explores in the choreographic process how the sound images from forests of different vegetation zones connect, merge and differentiate as acoustic traces in the body's memory and how this can be translated into dance.


The four-hour sound installation and dance performance reveals the personal and collective resonances of the team and allows the audience to experience the regularities and connections of these special biophonies. 


The first results of the work-in-progress will be presented in the former chapel in the Bethanien art district. 



Concept / Artistic Direction: Katia Engel

Choreography / Dance: Polett Kasza, Ari Ersandi 

Sound design, composition: Felix-Florian Tödtloff

Dramaturgy, production management: Katja Wiegand: 

Press: Apricot Productions

Photo: Faozan Rizal


Funded by the Performing Arts Fund with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of process funding NEUSTART KULTUR, Institute for Foreign Relations as part of artist contacts with funds from the Federal Foreign Office. 


Die Aufführung ist kostenlos, aber Spenden an der Abendkasse sind erwünscht! 8-10 Euro


Studio 1, Kunstquartier Bethanien Mariannenplatz 2 10997 Berlin

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