Art von Frei

Art von Frei opened in April 2015 with the group exhibition "THE LIGHT OF ART IS IN YOUR HEART" to set the tone of this unique and outstanding concept gallery. This permanent „On-Space“ is located in the heart of Berlin Mitte at Rosenthaler Platz. Here you can discover and re-discover amazing contemporary art, new and re-mixed ideas of emerging and established artists. The gallery represents international artists, working in the media collage, drawing, painting, performance, sculpture and installation, as well as happening, video and photo works. With six to seven exhibitions a year, our curated program is at the cutting edge, fresh and innovative. The exhibition program includes young guest artists as a first step to be considered for a gallery artists representation and futher exhibitions outside of the gallery space. In addition we hosts special events that integrate interactive strategies for the audience to participate. We also place art in public and private exhibitions. We offer works of art, exhibition concepts, consultation and knowledge to art lovers, researchers, educators, buyers and collectors alike. Our vision is to continue to bring relevant and active positions to specialist and interdisciplinary environments. Art von Frei is a hub and a platform for today's art and culture and is a brand new focal point in the art scene of Berlin and beyond.
Art von Frei
Brunnenstr. 187,
10119 Berlin
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