MZIN leipzig

Project space bookstore and project space for visual culture in leipzig, founded in 2008 and curated by philipp neumann and karen laube. focused on special publications. we offer a selection of international and local zines, magazines, catalogs and books from nearly all fields of visual culture: design, art, graphic, architecture, photography, fashion and pop-related issues. we do small exhibitions, presentations and launches with local and international artists. starting from 2011 a limited publication (mzin press) is sold on the occasion of exibitions. in 2014 our first book (mzin "the bookbook") was published to document the years 2008-2013. we write reviews in several publications and blogs on related matters. you can catch us on tour selling our goods on festivals and conferences, we give lectures and talks, host a conference, organize exibitions etc. available on mzin press: — sebastian ristow, organikum (2011) — kuba 74, ingo graf posters from kuba (2012) — dennis busch, exorcism (2013) — flags, kaufhaus held (2013) — mzin - the bookbook (2014)
MZIN leipzig
kolonnadenstrasse 20,
04109 Leipzig
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